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Buyersite.co Forklift’s Parts Supplier In Malaysia

Buyersite.co is a Sales & Service business web-site for Forklift Parts & Accessories under Owned By Power Tech Riveria Trading. We established since year 2010 providing the sales & supplies and repair services for various Forklift parts and accessories for manufacturing, logistic warehouse plants, construction plants and supply chain management ground. Power Tech Riveria also act as a sales structure to provide the complete set for Forklift Vehicles with various brands like Komatsu, Toyota, Mitsumotto (with GS Japan battery and Curtis Motor Controller) and many other brands.

Our loyal professional customers is our end users within South East Asia and few other Europe countries. We able to support the forklift reliability and durability based on our good quality parts supplies. Power Tech Riveria Trading also act as an agency distributir for manufacturing to fulfil your forklifts service requirement and to maintain your forklift in better condition by providing your choices of forklift brands. We assure you will receive the correct parts as your order or get the proper answer for your order if it is obsolete item or any other situation before we continue a next step.

For forklift repair and services, we offer a proper checking and recommendation on your forklift based on the issues. You may no need to get a new forklift sometimes, if we can repair for you.